The Second Bill

by Big Bill

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holly My new favourite rockin out album. Weird, don't-give-a-fuck, ace tunes. Favorite track: Sweet Boy.
Heather thumbnail
Heather This EP is great because it includes "I Wanna Do Evil" and I'm glad someone made a song to play in the background of the television show that is my life when I have my occasional relapses into villainy. Favorite track: I Wanna Do Evil.
Ghostcat Lounge
Ghostcat Lounge thumbnail
Ghostcat Lounge The second bill could also be titled, The Best Of. Every track is excellent. Favorite track: Two Weeks.
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released January 19, 2015

Cody Braden--guitar, vocals
Jennifer Monsees--bass, vocals
Eric Braden--vocals
Alan Lauer--drums, vocals

Produced by Paul D. Millar.

Recorded by Paul D. Millar and T.W. Bond at Space Ocean Studios in Austin, TX, and by Paul D. Millar at BUG SOUND in Austin, TX.
Mastered by Cris Burns at Cris Burns Audio in Austin, TX.
Cover art by Jesse California.



all rights reserved


Big Bill Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Claws In
Don't touch my hands I'm a classy lady
Like a cat that can't lick itself
Stuck in the litter box I need help

Don't touch my hands I'm a comfortable woman
I wear fine jewels and I wear nice clothes
But when I see you now I decompose

There's a girl on my street
The street where I'm at
She's hanging up a sign it says "Missing Cat"
(Missing cat)
Good luck with that

Claws in (claws out)

Don't touch my hands I'm a human being
Human being

Don't touch my hand
You don't know where it's been
Claws In
Track Name: Don't Try to Run
Don't try to run
We got longer legs and we run much faster
And we never forget who we're after

Don't try to run
Where you trying to run to in such a hurry
We are here for you so don't you worry

Don't try to run
Don't try, Don't try
Track Name: I Wanna Do Evil
I'm trying to sleep (I wanna do evil)
But the neighbors keep (I wanna do evil)
Summoning spirits

I'm at the office (I wanna do evil)
I can't stop coughin (I wanna do evil)
I spilled my coffee


I see the politician (I wanna do evil)
On the television (I wanna do evil)
He got a golden vision

I'm at the party (I wanna do evil)
Your grandma's party (I wanna do evil)
I'm sitting by your girlfriend


I wanna wanna I wanna do evil
Track Name: Sweet Boy
They say a man should be
In control of desire
They say a man should desire
Just that which he can acquire
And so I sleep in a death bed
I get my bread from the corner store
Black shades when I look in the mirror
Feel like Vesalius digging up a graveyard

Are you a good man? Are you a bad bad man?
No I'm a sweet boy

I hear the radiant people
They call my shivering boy
I must be nervous by nature
Most people I just avoid
I wear a coat I show no hands
And everywhere I go I shake no hands
I used to go door-to-door
Looking for a light but I don't do that anymore

Are you a good man? Are you a bad bad man?
No I'm a sweet boy

Fear free
Feeling kinda heavy
Track Name: Who Put Dave in the Microwave?
Who put Dave in the microwave?
Track Name: Two Weeks
I woke up driving
It was very frightening
I'm not arriving
I'm tired of climbing
I put in my two weeks

Well sleep it got me
But the trees they caught me
I'm not arriving
I'm tired of climbing
I put in my two weeks

First thing to go's your perfect body
Next thing you know you wish you didn't have a body
Kill me if I don't learn
It's not the money it's the dying that you earn
I don't need to understand or fear the necessary end so
Call me when it's my turn

I put in my two weeks